MERIT: Eating Disorder Program

Eating disorders aren't just about food. 

MERIT is an intensive program for individuals with eating disorders, where we integrate individual and group treatment to help individuals effectively work towards recovery.

Our multi-disciplinary treatment team has designed programming to help individuals achieve a better understanding of themselves and their personal relationships with food. Recovery from eating disorders occurs on many levels, and our MERIT team is highly trained to help facilitate a return to health. We believe that enhanced awareness of the underlying emotional issues that drive behaviors is necessary.

With compassion and experience, we also focus on helping our patients to improve decision-making and coping skills. Similarly, our staff provides medical nutrition therapy, medical management, and treatment of co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, family problems, or substance abuse.

We emphasize self-acceptance, overcoming perfectionism, and developing a healthy integration of mind and body. We do this in the context of one's own community, where there is opportunity to understand and improve on each individual's interpersonal, academic, professional, and personal challenges.