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Welcome to Insight Behavioral Health Centers

Your place for healing and recovery

Life can be unpredictable. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and addiction seriously affect people’s lives every single day. If you are facing a crisis due to a mood, anxiety, or trauma-related disorder, we are here for you.
At Insight Behavioral Health Centers, we recognize your courage in taking that big step forward to reach out for help. Our compassionate and experienced team members work closely every day with diverse patients from all backgrounds. Our treatment programs for adults and adolescents offer you a safe place to go if you are looking for effective mental health and substance abuse treatment.  
With the guidance and support of the treatment team at Insight, you can learn how to confidently create a life you love. In our secure treatment environment, you can learn the skills you need to cope with life’s many stresses. We are here to help you change your thought patterns and better manage your health.

It's never too late to get help

At Insight, our clinicians provide a vast network of support and a wealth of expertise to help you thrive. We offer assessment and intervention for a wide variety of mental health issues, including:

Our treatment team is also equipped to address co-occurring mental health conditions, including substance abuse. Patients with eating disorders can be referred to our partner treatment facility Eating Recovery Center.

A place for everyone

Whether you come to Insight for our Residential, Partial Hospitalization, or Intensive Outpatient programs, our clinicians and staff will be here to walk side by side with you through the entire process. We are committed to providing you with the best care so that you can recover from your unique situation.

Our multidisciplinary treatment team and caring staff members will support you in developing a plan of action to address your unique psychological, social and medical needs both during and after treatment. We can coordinate and communicate with therapists and psychiatrists in your home community to ensure continuity of care.

Family involvement is key to a lasting recovery. We provide education and support to family members and loved ones while you are in treatment. Family therapy is also an integral part of our program — should you choose to participate.

Care from expert staff and clinicians

Our staff and clinicians are leaders in the field of behavioral health, offering teaching, training, research and advocacy opportunities locally and around the nation. We work closely with — and offer many training opportunities for — the nation’s top doctors and clinicians.

Insight leadership and staff members also work to promote mental health awareness by serving as advocates in the field and by participating in many professional organizations and community events.

Individualized, evidence-based treatment

At Insight, we provide specialized treatment for mental health issues in locations across the country. As a Joint Commission-accredited facility, our evidence-based treatment approaches are recognized as meeting or exceeding rigorous standards regarding healthcare quality, value and optimal outcomes.

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