Admitting to Insight Behavioral Health Centers

Mood & Anxiety Disorders are serious behavioral healthcare concerns that can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life, interpersonal relationships and ability to function effectively in everyday life. They can be lonely, isolating and in some cases, life-threatening. Acknowledging an issue and asking for help takes strength and courage. Insight is here to provide support at all stages of the recovery journey. After all, lasting recovery from eating disorders and mood & anxiety disorders is possible, and is even likely, with comprehensive support from compassionate experts.

The process of admitting to Insight is led by a team of compassionate professionals. The Clinical Assessment team is comprised of Master’s-level therapists whose sole responsibility is supporting individuals considering treatment at Insight as the next step in their recovery journey.  Contact with Insight will be initiated by the patient themselves, although it is not uncommon for loved ones or outpatient providers to reach out to Insight on behalf of the patient. The Clinical Assessment team conducts a thorough assessment with the patient, as well as referring professionals and loved ones as appropriate. Following the assessment, the Clinical Assessment team member will recommend the appropriate Insight program and level of care that can best address the patient’s unique recovery needs. If it is determined that the patient would not benefit from Insight’s treatment programming, they will be referred to trusted community resources that can effectively address their behavioral health concerns.

Upon admission, patients are met by compassionate experts and learn more about their individualized treatment plan. While loved ones are contacted to schedule family therapy sessions, referring providers are contacted to confirm their patient’s admission and determine communication preferences and frequency. Insight is committed to working with family members and outpatient providers, recognizing that engagement of these supportive networks are crucial in creating sustainable recoveries.

Take the first step toward recovery and call Insight Behavioral Health Centers today. Compassionate, Master’s-level therapists are available by calling 312-540-9955. If you would prefer to chat confidentially online, click the chat button at the top of this page to message confidentially with a clinical specialist.