Adolescent Mood & Anxiety and Disorders Recovery Programs

Insight Behavioral Health Centers offers specialized programming for young adults and families struggling with mood and anxiety disorders. In addition to comprehensive recovery programming for adolescent patients, Insight’s programs engage, educate and support families, recognizing that they play an integral role in achieving and maintaining recovery in their young loved ones.

Early diagnosis and intervention carries the best chance for lasting recovery and Insight’s treatment experts are committed to helping young patients and families recover from mood and anxiety disorders. Recovery begins with a comprehensive assessment with a Master’s-level therapist. Based on the results of the assessment, we will recommend the appropriate level of care for the adolescent and develop an individualized treatment plan that acknowledges each patient’s recovery challenges.

The Adolescent Program for mood and anxiety disorders treatment offers:

  • Multidisciplinary approach incorporating psychiatry, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy and more
  • Comprehensive treatment provided to address co-occurring issues (Insight centers are dual diagnosis treatment centers)
  • Rooted in Multifamily Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, with emphasis on the 5th module “Walking the Middle Path,” to facilitate parent/family involvement throughout treatment
  • Therapeutic interventions also include evidence-based modalities including Family-Based Treatment (FBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and expressive therapies, including yoga, dance-movement therapy and art therapy
  • Patients assigned a dedicated DBT skills therapist who helps facilitate their care in the program and collaborates with outside providers

Multiple levels of care are available to address each family’s unique recovery needs, including:

Individual therapy (as needed) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

  • 3 hours of treatment per day, 3 days per week for adolescents
  • Mandatory weekly skills training for parents
  • Structured schedule of individual, family and group therapy and nutrition education emphasizing development and practical use of recovery skills in interactions outside of the treatment environment
  • Medication management available as needed
  • Patients encouraged to continue working with outpatient treatment professionals as an adjunct to IOP participation
  • Direct-admit or step-down level of care

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

  • Up to 7 hours of treatment a day, up to 7 days a week
  • Daytime medical and psychiatric support as needed
  • Structured schedule of individual, family and group therapy and nutrition education emphasizing learning and practicing recovery skills
  • Opportunities to practice recovery skills during evenings at home
  • Direct-admit or step-down level of care


Services for male and female adolescents with eating disorders are available through our partnership with Eating Recovery Center.

For more information about Insight Behavioral Health Center’s Adolescent Programs, call 312-540-9955 for a confidential consultation, or click the chat button at the top of this page to message confidentially with a Masters-level clinician.